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Why choose us?

After over 15 years of experience, we used all our knowledge to create the ultimate peg stilts. 


They excel in various weather conditions, and are versatile enough for both dancing and static performance.


If you want a professionally sleek, dynamic, and engaging set of peg stilts, look no further than StiltsPro.

What are they?

  • Our stilts are composed of specially vacuum-dried ash wood, a springy and robust material

  • Default height of 95cm

  • Custom made for your size (shin length)

  • Sturdy and super light (only 1700g each!)

  • Comes with a waterproof StiltsPro bag, padlock, and a name-tag

Watch one of our instructors display how versatile and dynamic our stilts are in this video

£ 300 only!

For more content with our stilts, please check out our 'How To' videos below:

Would you like a pair of your own?

 Drop us a message!

We'll get in touch shortly, thank you.

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